2018 New Year’s Eve Dinner in Rome

2018 New Year’s Eve Dinner in Rome
New Year’s Eve in Rome: roman tradition

The New Year’s Eve dinner in Rome is a tradition that has been very important since the times of Numa Pompilius, the legendary second king of Rome, succeeding Romulus The period when we have the first news about parties and dinners to celebrate the new season.
At that time we had dishes based on legumes or honey, in order to hope for a new year, sweeter and better than the previous one.
One of the most used element used to cook and to décor the table was the laurel oak, still used today in many dishes. Obviously today many things have changed, but some elements of prosperity – like lentils with cotechino – are still considered a symbol of this period.

New Year’s Eve dinner 2018: Rione 13 menu

Fish and meat are both to important elements for the culinary tradition and Rione 13 Trastevere menu includes salmon carpaccio pastry, Fossa pecorino cappellacci with butter, duck breast with Sicilian citrus fruits, seabass and pumpkin parmigiana.
New Year’s Eve dinner menu at Rione 13 is enriched with many seasonal ingredients and spices like radicchio, truffle and dried figs, or many “good luck” foods such as pomegranate or almonds.

To finish this amazing dinner you’ll find traditional desserts like panettone, pandoro, torrone, red and white wines and sparkles to make the midnight toast.

Download here our menu for 2018 New Year’s Eve dinner  in Rome, Trastevere.

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New Year’s Eve 2018 Rome Trastevere: good food and good music

The evening will be entertained by the music duo Sara&Mapo who will bring you towards an amazing start of 2018 with live music, covers and Dj set after midnight.

A little note. The roman tradition included the idea of sending away the past by “breaking things”. At the end of the meal it was good luck to break plates and glasses to symbolize the passage from the past to the future… Don’t be mad at us if we won’t do this!

Happy 2018 everybody, come and say hi!

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RIONE 13 Restaurant in Rome Trastevere
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New year eve dinner 2018 Rome Trastevere