Rome Trastevere aperitivo: history, traditions

Rome Trastevere aperitivo: history, traditions

Aperitivo in Rome: in vino veritas

The aperitivo is a social phenomenon which is getting more popular and more loved every year all over Italy. The aperitivo as we know it today was born back in the first years of ‘900 in some city of northern Italy such as Turin and Milan.

It is also true that “aperitivo” takes its origins from the word “aperitif”, which comes from the latin “aperitivus” (that opens). A tradition that comes from very far away in time…Both Greeks and Romans used to start every meal sipping on wines seasoned with artichoke, sage, gentian and absinthe…The famous “muslum” was a drink made with wine and honey and in the ancient Rome it was served at the beginning of a meal.

So the tradition of drinking before eating, a moment to relax and to prepare the stomach before another meal, is something that comes from many centuries ago and that somehow survived in the modern Rome.

Gioacchino Belli, a famous roman poet, wrote a poetry about wine back in the 19th century:

“Er Vino” :

… È bbono assciutto,
dorce, tonnarello,
Solo e ccor pane in zuppa,
e, ssi è ssincero,
Te se confà a lo stommico
e ar ciarvello ….

Rione 13: the tradition continues

At Rione 13, a real Trastevere restaurant, we continue the ancient traditions joining them with the latest trends: from the refreshing glass of wine to the most sophisticated and trendy cocktail. Together with drinks, Rione 13 offers other amazing delights: warm pizza, cold cuts boards, fresh cherry mozzarella, veggie crudités and bites of fresh fish.

On the open-air tables or sitting on the comfy couches, with the sun shining over the amazing Piazza San Cosimato in Trastevere, the happy hour at Rione 13 is the perfect time to relax! Absolutely to try!

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