Rome, Trastevere: the Christmas Dinner is served

Rome, Trastevere: the Christmas Dinner is served
When it’s time, it’s time…Christmas time?

Of course not! When Christmas comes it comes with the entire culinary tradition that distinguishes our country at this time of the year: from North to South there’s plenty of specialties that have been the guests of honour on the Italian tables on 24th and 25th of December. 

Let’s start from the tradition that hugs the entire country:
Christmas Eve Dinner is fish based and it is usually matched with beans and the inevitable tangerines. Fish is served in any kind of form: roasted, in fritters form and so on. There’s only one rule for this dinner: the meal must be light and it cannot include meat. 

Christmas lunch is totally different: on this occasion the table is full of every kind of nuts, meats, roasts and warm tasty dishes such as tortellini (in chicken broth). And then it’s time for desserts: pandoro, panettone, torrone and so on. 

Download here the Rione 13 Christmas Menu

Let’s talk about the roman tradition: what’s on the Christmas menu of the capital? 

The Christmas Dinner usually includes starters like pickles vegetables, marinate anchovies, veggie fritters and shrimps. Then it’s time for spaghetti with clams, roasted fish and fried sides. 

The Christmas roman lunch starts early and it carries on until the first lights of the afternoon…tradition wants that the entire family sits together and slowly tastes every meal. It usually starts with broth, cappelletti and stracciatella. Then it’s lamb time: the very true main character of the Christmas roman lunch, usually tasted like fried cutlets, sided with roasted potatoes and veggies. To finish the meal come the desserts: pandoro, panettone and “pangiallo”, a roman specialty. It seems to be dated back to the Imperial age, when it was usually made to wish the return of the sunny days. 

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