The pizza of Rione 13

The pizza of Rione 13
The pizza of Rione 13

One thing we’re very proud of is our pizza of course!
The chef personally takes care of every single detail throughout the entire preparation of our pizzas.

Our pizza dough is made from a mixture of selected flours, so that it can rises naturally for 72 hours without the help of artificial yeast.
Artificial yeast represents a very small percentage of our pizza dough and the leavening lasts for 72 hours: that’s why our pizza is very easy to digest and it contains 13% of proteins, the ideal for a complete and healthy meal.

Our pizza can please every kind of taste: you’ll find the typical roman pizza with a thin crispy crust or the pizza as it was first created in Napoli: thicker and with a softer crust.
What about toppings? Make your own choice! All of our pizzas are topped with italian high quality ingredients: local fresh tomatoes (IGP), fresh bufala mozzarella and a local selection of cheese.

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